Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Garlic Jo's - Things to Do in Orange County 61

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather in OC these days!

My post today is for those who are suffering a bit from the summer heat in need of an extra boost of energy.

If you're feeling like you need to get revitalized, here is a nice place to go: Garlic Jo's in Newport Beach.

This place specializes in garlic food, and it said that they get their all of their garlic from the world famous garlic town, Gilroy, CA.

I was able to visit this place for a little celebration dinner since I finished a long overdue project. When we went, we decided to go with the 4 course, $58 meal for two. So here comes the fun.

First course is a Tuna Carpaccio appetizer with a lot of garlic. The two sauces compliment the tuna and the fried garlic very well. The tuna is fresh enough for people that doesn't usually eat raw fish to enjoy without any problems. Really good stuff.

The second course is the garlic pizza. The pizza was square, and it was very thin. It had small shreds of garlic on it, and was very good second course. Throughout all of this, we went on Monday where they have 50% off wine bottles, so we got a nice bottle of Riesling to go with all of our food for about $12~14 for the bottle.

The main course is both the rib eye and the garlic fried rice. You get one portion of the rib eye, and was enough for us to share. It came seared on a hot plate, with their original garlic sauce. You get a very well made garlic mashed potato and roasted garlic along with the steak. The garlic fried rice came in a bamboo shoot, and was extremely well made. Both were awesome.

And of course, you can't miss out on the dessert. We were pretty full by the time we finished our steak, but we saw something on the menu we couldn't resist. Garlic ice cream.

Have to try it.

The garlic ice cream has bits of garlic in a vanilla flavored ice cream. It came with a nicely made cinnamon, fried wonton like container with lots of fruits. Nice way to finish off the dinner with a lot of garlic.

So that was the entire 5 course dinner we enjoyed at Garlic Jo's in Newport Beach. The food is great here, but I do have to warn that after you dine, you will feel like you've had a Red Bull and Monster Energy drink. It kept me up all night long. Garlic power!

Garlic Jo's
2332 W Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663


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