Monday, March 24, 2008

Catalina Island - Things to Do in Orange County 36

Enjoy the Nature or an Activity Filled Day at the Catalina Island!

A popular resort destination for Orange County residents is the Catalina Island. Because of its popularity during the weekend or summer, it can be difficult to get hotel or ferry reservations to the Catalina Island during its peak season. Marilyn Monroe has actually visited the Catalina Island as part of her honeymoon as well!

Using the ferry that departs out of Newport Beach, it will take a little over an hour to get to the Catalina Island.
The Catalina Island is protected to preserve its natural beauty. So you’ll find beautiful views and scenery when you arrive here.

On the Catalina Island, you won’t see a single car. All of the residents drive around in a little golf cart to get around the city. A visitor can easily rent a cart as well. Since it isn’t a big island, the cart should get you to where ever you want to go on the island. I guess it’s all part of the nature preserving efforts.

If you are an athlete, you can also try getting around on a bicycle as well.

The Catalina Island is filled with things you can do. You can take part in a rafting tour, go snorkeling, ride on a kayak, go parasailing, or even go sky diving on the island. The Catalina Island will always keep you busy with all the things you can do here.

You’ll find gift shops and restaurants around the coast of the Catalina Island. When the tourists are not visiting, the Catalina Island is a nice quiet town. The hotels are all relatively small in size, and they all resemble something of a Bed & Breakfast Inn. It’s a great place to come and relax.
The symbolic Casino of Catalina Island is now a museum and you’ll need to pay an admission fee to get in.

The Catalina Island is a great place for Orange County Residents to come and relax!

Access to Catalina Island from Orange County:

・Ferry Departing out of Newport Beach
Catalina Flyer
Adult Roundtrip Fare $61
Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

・Ferry Departing from Dana Point
Catalina Express
Adult Roundtrip Fare $61

Catalina Island

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Miguelito y Claribelita said...

So amazing. The waves are like amazing. And the shopping is like amazing. Overall, it's amazing.


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