Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plums Cafe - Things to Do in Orange County 64

If you're looking for a nice sophisticated place for brunch in OC, look no further than to the Plum's Cafe in Newport Beach. This place offers very good breakfast dishes with a lot of grace and elegance. Its like a brunch place for adults. At least that's the kind of feel I get.

Once you're here, do not hesitate to get yourself a glass of mimosa. This is a place for a nice morning cocktail. Without it, you won't get the full Plum's Cafe experience.

We got a couple dishes when we arrived here. (Alongside my bloody mary.) I always like to get one plate that's sweet, and one plate that's savory. And we share the two dishes between the two of us. That way we get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

So, we got the Northwest Berry Waffle and the Alderwood Smoked Salmon Hash.

Both were delicious. And as you can see from the pictures, the dishes here all seem to have vibrant colors that enhances your appetite even more. Both were prepared perfectly to my liking.

Plum's Cafe is a popular brunch destination in Orange County, so be sure to make reservations if you are going during brunch hours on the weekend.

Hope you get to enjoy the great food here!

Plums Cafe


369 East 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


David S. Wilfert said...

Plums Cafe ROCKS!

Try Eat Chow in East Costa Mesa, just behind/attached to the Closet off Newport Boulevard.

Blogger said...

Eat Chow seems like a good place. I saw it on one of those AAA magazines a while back and always wanted to try it. Thanks for the recommendation! We'll definitely go check it out.


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