Monday, January 3, 2011

Bahn Mi Che Cali - Things to Do in Orange County 75

Ever feel like a quick bite to eat in the middle of the night? And maybe you're craving for a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, but a Vietnamese Sandwich.

Well, here is the right place for you to go out and enjoy a little Vietnamese sandwich at three in the morning.

Bahn Mi Che Cali on Brookhurst and McFadden is open 24 hours long. You can go there anytime to get your fix of Vietnamese sandwiches, Vietnamese bread, or Vietnamese dessert.

At Bahn Mi Che Cali, you get quality sandwiches on the cheap. Check out these sandwiches below. They're $2.50 each, and when you buy 2, you get one free. Basically, it's three large sandwiches for $5.00. Subway starts to seem expensive after buying these guys.

They have a variety of different sandwiches ranging from chicken, BBQ pork, and egg. They're all pretty delicious. Just don't forget to take out the hot green pepper if you don't like hot foods. It'll burn you.

And of course, if they're giving away sandwiches for an awesome deal, they need to match that up with their desserts too. Yep. Buy two, get one free on their desserts too.

They're desserts were pretty funky. I liked it, but I think its somewhat of an acquired taste.

Come hungry. You'll leave pretty happy. And in the middle of the night too.

Bahn Mi Che Cali
15551 Brookhurst St
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 839-8185

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