Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Balboa Pier - Things to Do in Orange County 46

One of the lovely spots to visit around Orange County is the Balboa Pier. I really love the relaxed atmosphere here. Aside from the Newport Beach Boat Parade, there's the beach, dining, and people hanging around the pier with their bicycles or roller blades.

Anyway, it's January, but it sure feels like Spring or even Summer these days. I got here last weekend, but it was pretty hot. There were people swimming and sun bathing like it was August.

Personally speaking, I like the Balboa Pier over the Newport Beach Pier. I love the fact that you can look to your left, and see the entire coastline of Laguna Beach. It's my picture perfect image of "Orange County" here.

Also, love the fact that you can still get parking here because it is still January. Parking does become much scarce as you move into the summer months. I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

Balboa Pier

P.S. If you like ocean fishing, this seems to be the spot for you too. There's always a whole flock of guys fishing at the Balboa Pier.

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