Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Mismaloya City Tour) - Things to Do in Orange County 49

My Mexican Riviera Cruise Post 

After a couple days on the cruise ship, your first destination is Puerto Vallarta.  

Surprisingly, Puerto Vallarta is very Americanized, and you'll find a Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Starbucks, Office Depot, Home Depot, Applebee's, and many other American franchise restaurants right near the dock. You won't really feel as though you are in Mexico until you get out of the port area.

Puerto Vallarta is the longest day that you will have during this 7 Day Mexican Riviera Cruise.  You arrive early in the morning, and the cruise ship leaves Puerto Vallarta at night.  So you have a whole morning, afternoon, and evening to enjoy Puerto Vallarta.

Since we had a long day, we decided to participate in two excursion tours at Puerto Vallarta.  The Mismaloya City Tour and the Tequila Factories and Old Town Tour.

Let's check out what you do in the Mismaloya City Tour.

The first thing you do on this tour is to hit the city.  You see the church, the beach, and shopping areas of Puerto Vallarta.  It is the area where most tourists will hang out when visiting Pueto Vallarta.  

Puerto Vallara is famous for their tiles and jewelry, so the tour guides will take you to a couple of these places for you to shop.

After you enjoy your city portion of the tour, you'll then get to see some of the resort areas of Puerto Vallarta.  They will drive you for about half an hour from the city to arrive at the resort area.  Though this area is suppose to be the resort area, there are still many under developed areas, and for some reason they take you to this little village where you enjoy a little taco meal for $5 a plate. 

The area is full of green trees.  It is definitely a tropical area similar to Hawaii.  The place where you get off looks a little like the picture below.

Not necessarily clean or safe, and I wondered why they brought us here.  You're really stuck in the middle of no where, and there's nothing to do except for eat the $5 Taco Lunch or buy some souvenirs.  I guess its a way that the tour operators make some money.

And on the way back, there's a place where you can bungee jump.  The tour guide dared some of the guests to jump, and two guys took up the offer.  The tour guide mentioned that it was actually the first time a guest took up on her dare.

So we watched a couple guys bungee jump.

Personally speaking, the Mismaloya City Tour was a bit of a disappointment.  The tour company was a bit too focused on getting us to buy souvenirs.  We spend a majority of time at two little souvenir shops, and too little on the nice parts of Puerto Vallarta.  I may recommend trying out a different tour instead of this one.

So that was our morning.  Our afternoon was the Tequila Factory Tour, which I will post next. 


Anonymous said...

How much does a bungie jump cost? I suppose, all things considered, that shouldn't be a primary consideration.

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Blogger said...

I think the bungie jump was around $60. It wasn't too expensive, but at the same time, not sure how safe it is either. There's just this one guy operating the thing, and there's a bunch of rocks around it. But if you've got the courage, by all means.


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