Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7 Day Mexican Riviera Cruise - Things to Do in Orange County 48

I love to go on a cruise.  Why?  Well, of course, the all-you-can-eat food available.  I also like the fact that the cruise ship will take you around the world, while you're enjoying a nice Pina Colada by the pool.  And I really like the fact that you really feel like you're on a vacation when you go on a cruise.

Believe it or not, cruise vacations are probably one of the cheapest ways of traveling around.  The base fee of the cruise vacation which includes food and travel usually start at around $30~50 a day.  Considering you get accommodation, dining, entertainment, and travel, wouldn't you say that's a pretty good deal?

Of course, the cruise ships will try to make money by selling you alcohol, photos, souvenirs, and excursion tours once you arrive at the destination.  But all in all, it's usually an awesome deal, and an awesome vacation when you go on a cruise. 

So today, I wanted to post my 7-Day Baja California/Mexico Cruise vacation that I went last November.  Being able to go on a cruise vacation very easily is one of the privileges that we have as Orange County residents.

Orange County's closest cruise ships are located off the port of Long Beach, about 20 minutes away if you encounter no traffic.  Carnival is docked next to the Queen Mary, and the Royal Caribbean ships are docked in San Pedro.  

Both cruise ships offer the 3 Day/4 Night Cruise that depart on Friday and returns on Monday.  The 4 Day/5 Night Cruise that departs on Monday and returns on Friday.  Or the 7 Day Cruise that departs on a Sunday and returns the next Sunday.

So anyway, here's my experience on the 7-Day Mexico Cruise on Carnival.

Room-wise, we got lucky on this trip.  We reserved an interior room at the cheapest rate, but got a room with a window.  And even better, the room was a special room for the disabled, so it was much bigger than the standard interior room.

As the cruise ship starts to sail, we all have to practice our emergency procedures.  Basically in this drill, they teach you how to wear the life vest and what to do in case of an emergency.  The life vest has a little light and a whistle that is suppose to help you get saved if the cruise ship goes under.  I thought the life vest was a bit out dated, but hopefully, we'll never need to use it.

With the emergency procedure drill completed, you're now allowed to exlore and enjoy the cruise ship.  Carnival had a party ready for us as we kicked off our cruise with a free liquor tasting to start things off.  Exploring around the cruise ship is always fun, and a necessary part of the cruise vacation since you'll be spending the next 7 days on it.

The pool is always a nice place to enjoy and spend your time.

And Carnival will always keep you occupied with something to do.  This theater is used for orientation, daily evening shows, shopping lectures, and welcome parties.  Always something to do on the cruise ship.

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