Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Santa Barbara - Things to Do in Orange County 31

Beaches, Mountains, and Full of Greens – A Beautiful Mini Trip Destination, Santa Barbara

About a two hour drive Northwest of Orange County is a nice little tourist destination, Santa Barbara.

With a lot of tourist that visit this city each year, Santa Barbara is well maintained and public transportation is abundant here. You can get around Santa Barbara on a trolley that costs $0.25 a ride, or you can buy a one day pass to the red tour buses that ride along the most popular destinations. The tour buses are a great way to get around because they allow unlimited rides all day long.

One of the destinations that you must visit when visiting Santa Barbara is the Stearns Wharf right off the coast. The Stearns Wharf is California's oldest working wharf, and it is the most popular destination with good reasons. There are many places to eat at the wharf and the atmosphere here is just excellent. It‘s a great place to walk around and enjoy the sun with whomever you are travelling with. Stearns Wharf is definitely a great place to hang out!

State Street is also another destination you must visit while you are in Santa Barbara. There are a lot of cute accessory stores along this street that you will surely enjoy. If you get tired, you can grab a bite to eat at some of the most fashionable cafes along State Street.

A destination that I personally recommend is The Historic Courthouse on 1100 Anacapa Street. There is an observatory at the courthouse, where you can climb up for free to take a look at the beautiful Santa Barbara landscape. All of the buildings in Santa Barbara have reddish, Spanish influenced roof tops, and when you see that with the view of the ocean, it is a nice little moment for you to enjoy.

Mission Santa Barbara on 2201 Laguna Street is also another popular tourist destination. Here you can revisit Santa Barbara’s rich history and its culture.

Santa Barbara is also known for its wineries too. Actually, my favorite wine is from the Santa Barbara Winery, and that was the reason I went to Santa Barbara. Their Zinfandel is always excellent!

With a lot of green, the ocean, and the mountains around you, Santa Barbara is a perfect place to relax for a quick weekend mini trip. You will sure love the great architecture that surrounds this historic city. Only a 2 hour drive from OC, and you can even take the Amtrak there. Hope you get to visit this great destination for a relaxing weekend or some wine tasting soon!

Santa Barbara

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