Sunday, February 24, 2008

Heisler Park - Things to Do in Orange County 25

Enjoy a View that’s “Priceless” at the Heisler Park!

Laguna Beach is a city filled with European influences, and it is known by the locals as a place to relax and enjoy art. Laguna Beach is not well known to tourists, so it’s a great little place visit in Orange County.

The main beach in Laguna Beach is always a lively place, but there’s actually another park called the Heisler Park a bit up the hills. And this is a secret little place only locals know about. The view from the Heisler Park is absolutely one of the best in Orange County. Heisler Park can be accessed by going North on PCH then making a left on Cliff Drive. You should see the park on the left hand side.

For some reason the beach that you can see from Heisler Park seems more “blue” compared to other beaches in OC. The waves will come crashing into the shore to splash up in emerald green colors.

You can enjoy a barbeque or a picnic at the park, and has great facilities on the premise. The view is excellent, and you can also get to the shore by using the stairway down. I recommend that you go down to see the beach from the shore as well.

There are a lot of sea shells down on the shore, and I even found some very pretty blue mussel shells. There are other marine animals that live down in the beach too. Just be careful not to bring them with you because you’re not allowed to take any of the marine animals from the beach.

And as I was leaving I came across a herd of pelicans. They were huge!!

Next to the Heisler Park is one of Orange County’s best Sunday Brunch place called Las Brisas. It is one of the best fresh Mexican food restaurants around, and if you’re going to visit Laguna Beach, this place is a “must go.”

Enjoy the priceless view and maybe a picnic at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach soon!

Heisler Park
375 Cliff Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Parking Meter: $0.25 for 15 minutes.

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