Sunday, February 17, 2008

Irvine Regional Park - Things to Do in Orange County 15

Enjoy the OC Zoo and a Little Train Ride at the Nature Filled Irvine Regional Park

If you drive North on Jamboree Road, you will drive through the mountain and come across the Irvine Regional Park in the city of Orange.

Irvine Regional Park is a huge park in Orange County where you can enjoy a picnic, BBQ, ride on a pony, or cruise along on the mini-train that goes around the park. With a lot of nature surrounded by ponds and trees, the park is a great place to relax with your loved one, or enjoy with your entire family.

Inside the Irvine Regional Park, you’ll also find the Orange County Zoo. Admission to the zoo is $2 for children and adults over 3 years old, and free for children 3 and under. You’d be surprised to see that there’s a big grizzly bear inside the zoo. You’ll also see other animals such as an eagle, fox, goat, and coyote, amongst many others. Since it’s a zoo without too many visitors, you can enjoy the nice, quiet atmosphere there.

After leaving the zoo, there is a nice little trail filled with nature that you can follow. With all the daily hustle and bustle, I’m sure the trail and the nature will help you to refresh a bit. It’s a great feeling go out to get some fresh air out in the park!

There are other activities at the Irvine Regional Park. Some of the fun ones are renting a boat to float across the lake or renting a bicycle to explore the park even more. With so many activities that you can enjoy at the Irvine Regional Park, you can fill your whole day here. Enjoy a day of soothing relaxation with a beach blanket and a book here, or you can bring your whole family along for a BBQ party!

It’s a great park in OC, and I hope you can enjoy the Irvine Regional Park soon!

Irvine Regional Park
1 Irvine Park Road
Orange, CA 92862
(714)973-6835 or (714)973-3173

Parking: $3 weekdays, $5 weekends
Open: Nov. 1 - March 31, 7:00am to 6:00pm.
Open: April 1 - Oct. 31, 7:00am to 9:00pm.
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri., 7:30am to 3:30pm.

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