Monday, February 11, 2008

Swap Meet at Orange Coast College - Things to Do in Orange County 3

The OCC Swap Meet - Latino Power!

In Orange County, you tend to see a lot of community colleges use its parking lot to conduct swap meet during the weekend. Here we are reporting on the swap meet at Orange Coast College today!
This swap meet is a very close neighbor to the Orange County Market Place. Its being conducted in a very close proximity, but you'll be surprised to see the differences between the two!
This swap meet is free to get in with plenty of free parking. Once you're in, you may be surprised by the number of Latino people coming to this swap meet. Latino power to its fullest here! You'd be surprised to see any Asians or Caucasian people here!

You'll be greeted by all of the Latino vendors here with their great attitudes. At this swap meet you can find a variety of goods, ranging from TV, toys, shoes, bags, watches, produce, CDs, snacks, and everything else in between. You can find everything here, new or used!
I personally love to get the authentic Mexican food when I go to this swap meet. Taco Bell? No way, you'll get the real stuff here! Last time we were here, we got some fish & scallop tacos, ceviche like thing, and a horchata. For good reason, the ceviches are very popular here, so be sure you grab one for yourself to try. Its super hot, but you can enjoy the nice fresh seafood in it.

The tacos are authentic, and they are like the ones you find in Mexico. Get some horchata to go with your food, and you are set. To finish off, you can get a churro for a buck. What a deal!

Be sure to check it out this swap meet on your next free weekend!

Orange Coast College Swap Meet
Orange Coast College (Adams Avenue, Parking Lot)
Saturday & Sunday 8 AM to 3 PM

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