Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seal Beach - Things to Do in Orange County 32

Hang Out by the Longest Pier in Orange County – Seal Beach

Seal Beach is the last city in Orange County before it turns into LA. It is located on the most Northwestern corner of Orange County. The neighboring city, Belmont Shore is already in Los Angeles County.

A notable thing in Seal Beach is that the U.S. Navy’s Naval Weapons Station is located here. However, for the most part, Seal Beach is in well known around OC locals for having Leisure World, the gated senior community. The city has a relaxed atmosphere with a small town feel compared to other cities in Orange County.

A place to go in Seal Beach is the Main Street. On Main Street of Seal Beach, you can find all sorts of restaurants, gift shops, accessory shops, and ice cream parlors there. The movie American Pie 2 was actually filmed here. The place has got this “All American” kind of feel to it.
As you walk or drive through the Main Street, you’ll end by hitting the Seal Beach Pier. The Seal Beach Pier is the longest pier in Orange County. It is made out of wood, and it does take some time to walk all the way across it. There’s a Ruby’s on the end of the pier, but it looks tiny from the start of the pier. That’s how long the pier is!

Unlike Huntington Beach or Newport Beach where it’s always crowded with locals and tourists, Seal Beach has a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s great for people that want to enjoy a nice quiet afternoon by the beach. A lot of people come here for walks and enjoy the restaurants on Main Street.

The beach usually has more body boarders than surfers. And that usually means it’s family friendly too. On a nice sunny day, you can see the beautiful view of the port in Long Beach.
Seal Beach is a nice relaxing beach in Orange County. I hope you can check it out soon for a nice Sunday afternoon walk!

Seal Beach

Parking: Free Street Parking and Meter Parking

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