Monday, February 11, 2008

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen - Things to Do in Orange County 1

JAZZ Kitchen: Cajun Food at Downtown Disneyland!

The Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen is an extremely popular Cajun Food restaurant in Downtown Disney.

What is Cajun Food?

Well Cajun Food is a Southern local food using three main ingredients - onions, celery, and green peppers. Sometimes referred as the "Holy Trinity." The "Holy Trinity" has some associations with the French Mirepoix, subsituting the carrots for the green peppers.

Cajun food will often cook using the three ingredients (onions, celery, and green peppers) with rice to cook up very delicious dishes. Some of the most representative Cajun food are the Jambalaya and the Andouille. Jambalaya is made using the Holy Trinity with some meat and chili power cooked in rice. The Adnouille is usually made with sliced vegetables, meat, and sausages to make a truly delicious dish. Gumbo is also another famous dish and its standout ingredient is the OKRA.

Originally, Cajun food have used local ingredients that were abundant, and hence you see many Cajun food being cooked with Crayfish and other uncommon ingredients. In the past, Cajun food was cooked using frogs and alligators as well! Nowadays, you will enjoy Cajun food alongside a variety of seafood and cornbread.

Well, back to the restaurant. The Jazz Kitchen has all sorts of great food, and I enjoyed everything that I ordered there. Its got a live jazz band playing after 6:30PM everyday, and you can listen while sipping a nice cocktail at the bar.

The best part about this restaurant? You can even see fireworks there too! The fireworks show starts at around 9PM everyday, so if you have plans to visit this restaurant, make sure to get reservations around that time. And ask for the terrace seats so that you'll have a great view of the fireworks. 

Good food, good music, and fireworks. Located at Downtown Disney in Orange County.  You really can't go wrong at the Jazz Kitchen!

Jazz Kitchen
1590 South Disneyland Drive
Downtown DisneyR DistrictAnaheim, California 92802

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