Monday, February 18, 2008

San Clemente Pier and Del Mar Avenue - Things to Do in Orange County 19

Relax and Enjoy the Day at the San Clemente Pier and Del Mar Avenue!

Located on the Southern edge of Orange County is the city of San Clemente. Once you go down to South OC you tend to see scenery a lot different from Northern Orange County or Los Angeles.

San Clemente Pier is a smaller pier compared to the other piers in Orange County, but its atmosphere here is truly one of the best. When you’re relaxing on the pier, it feels like time is slowing passing by as it is so pleasant. The ocean, the sun, and all the people around make it so that you can appreciate life at that moment. On the pier, you’ll also find The Fisherman’s Restaurant, which is a romantic little place where you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the beautiful ocean view.

Aside from the pier, you’ll find surfers on the beach enjoying the surf all day long. And on the coast there is a railroad track for the Amtrak to ride right on through. You can also take a walk near the sand as there is a walkway for you to enjoy the beach even more.

The Del Mar Avenue, close to the pier is also a gem. In the past, Del Mar Avenue used to be the main street of this area. To this day, you’ll see Spanish Colonial style buildings to help you recognize its rich history and culture in the area.

The Del Mar Avenue is now filled with cute little retail shops and restaurants. I particularly loved the accessory store where you can find charming little accessories here. I purchased a adorable heart shaped key holder here that I still use to this day.

San Clemente Pier and Del Mar Avenue is truly one of Orange County’s most laid back places. Be sure to visit one of Orange County’s chill spot soon!

Fishermans Restaurant & Bar
611 Avenida Victoria
San Clemente, CA 92672
Phone: 949-498-6390

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