Sunday, February 17, 2008

Golden West College Swap Meet - Things to Do in Orange County 16

Find Anything from Junk to Vegetable to Treasure Here at the Golden West College Swap Meet!

As mentioned previously, Orange County frequently uses the parking lots of its Community Colleges to conduct swap meets over the weekend. The swap meet that is held every Saturday and Sunday at Golden West College is one of the largest ones out here in OC.

I personally like to come to the Golden West College Swap Meet to buy some fresh vegetables here. You’ll be delighted to see super fresh vegetables here that taste very good! They are priced so low that it becomes hard to go into Ralph’s to buy your vegetable once you get used to buying here. Aside from the vegetables, the cut flowers here are very economical here as well. And if you’re looking for an experience, you can usually find a vendor that sells coconuts for you to enjoy the coconut milk from. Only a $1 each!

The characteristic that I notice when I come to the Golden West College Swap Meet compared to others is that it feels like there are a lot of, for the lack of better words, junk items here. You tend to see a lot of vendors out here selling used household goods, and I always wonder to myself, “hmm… I wonder who buys them…” :) But this is what makes this swap meet a very interesting one to come to.

I’m sure you’d be amazed at some of the items for sale here, and if you have the eye for it, you can probably dig up some treasure or antique for pennies on the dollar here as well!

At the swap meet, you can also find brand new toys, clothes, shoes, and perfumes. You can also fin used furniture, electronics, tools, and clothes, as you can practically find anything you need at this swap meet.

Many of the vendors and patrons at the Golden West College Swap Meet tend to be Latinos, so you’ll be delighted to see the energy that they bring. And because little Saigon and Korea Town is close enough, the swap meet always has an international twist to it.
Enjoy the international flavored Orange County Swap Meet every Saturday and Sunday at the Golden West College! It’s an experience you can’t miss!

Golden West College Swap Meet
15744 Golden West Street
Huntington Beach CA 92646

Admission: Free

Open Saturdays & Sundays 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., rain or shine.

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