Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Huntington Beach Dog Beach - Things to Do in Orange County 6

Go to the Beach with Your Dog- The Dog Beach at HB

If you love dogs, you’ll love this beach. It’s the Dog Beach in Huntington Beach. Located a little north of the Huntington Beach pier, this is one of the only places where dogs can be free to enjoy the waves at the beach.

Parking here can be limited at times, but with two lots, you’ll usually be able to find a spot. The parking meters will set you back a quarter ($0.25) for every 10 minutes, so be sure you bring a lot of change when you decide to come here.

This is one of the only dog beaches around in Orange County, so during the weekend, there are dogs everywhere! Look around and all you see are dogs all over the place, running around in joy. Sometimes it feels like there are more dogs than people because a lot of owners bring 2-3 dogs to the beach.

I personally live with six cats at my house, but when I get to the dog beach, I become a complete “dog person.” The dogs here are adorable, and they just have that loving feeling that cats don’t display very much.

It’s also amazing to see that all these dogs are never afraid of the waves that come crashing in. They jump into the water with joy to catch that Frisbee or the tennis ball. And with a lot of surfer’s in the area, you’ll see a collaboration of dogs and surfers here as well.

The dog beach allows you to free the dogs without any leashes, so you can walk freely with your buddy. Just be sure to be responsible and clean after then so that everyone can enjoy the beach.

Huntington Beach also has a lot of hotels where you can stay with your dogs and restaurants where you can eat with you dogs. Whether or not you have a dog, I recommend you to go visit the dog beach to see all the wave crashing and surfing dogs that are there. I guarantee after you come here, you’ll want to get your own dog to teach it surfing on the coast of Huntington Beach.

Huntington Dog Beach
21100 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


lindsey said...

There are lots! Great shopping in the downtown area where you are sure to find some cool new flip flops or a new bathing suit, some great restaurants in the downtown area of main street.:D
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Blogger said...

Yep, you're right! HSS and Jack's is always having a sale right on the street. It's always fun to go shopping in downtown HB. Thanks for your comment!


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