Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Block at Orange - Things to Do in Orange County 21

Skateboard Park, Movies, Shopping: A Hot Spot for the Orange County Youth – The Block at Orange!

The Block at Orange or simply the “Block” is a shopping mall and entertainment center near Disneyland and Anaheim Stadium. Many of OC’s youth like to come and visit the Block because of its emphasis on youth culture.

The retail shops and entertainment is geared toward the youth market, where you’ll see stores like the Virgin Megastore, Hollister, and American Eagle here.

Inside The Block, there is also Van’s Skateboard Park. One of the few public skateboard parks in Orange County. You can challenge yourself to a tough skateboard or roller blade ride here, or bring your kids for them to enjoy. The Van’s Skateboard Park does rent out helmets and other gear to keep you safe. Of course, you are free to visit and just watch some of the crazy skateboarder go at it inside the skate park. Some of them are really good.

Aside from shopping and the skateboard park, there is also a bowling center, a Borders, and a Dave & Buster’s to spend a night of entertainment. There is also a huge movie theater here, the AMC 30, so you’ll always expect to see a crowd at The Block.

The Block is great for all occasions whether it be families, friends, and casual dates.
Some of the stores I love at The Block are the Hawaiian, Hilo Hattie where you can buy all sorts of Hawaiian clothes and gifts. And I also like the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet store here as well.

A bit outside the mall, you’ll find a TGIF and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. And how can anyone forgo a fresh glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme on any given day? They are to die for! :)

The Block at Orange is a youth oriented mega-entertainment and shopping center in Orange County! I hope you have the chance to visit soon!

The Block at Orange
20 City Boulevard West
Orange, CA 92868


Miguelito y Claribelita said...

The should really call it THE SQUARE cause it's so lame...

Anonymous said...

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